We are excited to offer additional physical training opportunities in the office!

Patients have been asking for the opportunity to come in the office and perform their physical therapy exercises in addition to their scheduled treatment visits.  We have finally found a Jeff Approved, EvoPT Quality trainer to bring on board! We are excited for everyone to meet 

Mischa Jemionek, Certified Athletic Trainer with her bucket load of specialized training. 

During your treatment visits with Jeff & Frankie you are given an exercise protocol to work on for a week or two before returning. The more diligent you can be with your exercises, the better you will feel and the faster you will recover. The unique aspect of our office is exercise protocols are personalized for your specific needs. We’ve had people ask for extra appointments to keep the one-on-one attention to ensure they are doing things correctly. Our waitlist of patients has never allowed for this.  Enter Mischa… She will work hand in hand with Jeff & Frankie to follow your therapy protocol and include ‘extras’ to help you in all aspects of fitness.  Many patients have shared concern about signing up with personal trainers who do not know rehab specific issues, and unfortunately there are many. We hear patients tell us often they do not want to go to the gym to do a generic workout without a purpose or goal.  Once you have completed rehab therapy, Mischa can help you keep your new pain free existence and help you reach new goals!

Sound familiar…set an appointment for a 20 minute consultation (our treat!) with Mischa. 

Meet Mischa:

Mischa is a Certified Athletic Trainer, specializing in injury prevention, returning to performance rehabilitation, and getting people to live functional pain-free lives.  She has worked for almost 15 years in the Sports Medicine Departments of several Division I Universities including Temple, Villanova, and Princeton.  She is also a USA Weightlifting Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach coaching for East Coast Gold WLC, OPEX CCP.   She has worked with NFL players, professional soccer players, Division I athletes, CrossFit Regionals Competitors, and National Level Weightlifters.  

Bucket of Specialized Training: 

-Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

-Corrective Exercise Specialist

-Postural Respiration

-APPI Pilates for Rehabilitation

-Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

-CCMI Concussion Rehabilitation  

-USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach Level 2

-CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer

-Red Cord Level 1