How we are different!

  At Evolution Physical Therapy, we will help you obtain freedom from pain. You may ask why? In truth, we sincerely care about our patients' success. We take great pride in seeing our patients return to their daily activities, sports, hobbies, etc.

Our philosophy is you must view the physical body as a whole in order to diagnose the root cause of the issue. Successful treatment is not a "one size fits all" method. 

For example, pain in your knee does not necessarily mean the pain is being caused by an issue in your knee. There could be an instability in your lower back or hips leading to the pain in your knee. Therefore, solely treating the knee will not eliminate your pain or offer lasting results. We don’t just treat the area of pain, we think outside the box and find the root cause of your symptoms.

For years we have treated patients coming to us from “typical” physical therapy clinics after not seeing results. We provide a unique approach. At Evolution Physical Therapy part of our philosophy is the importance of working one-on-one with the patients. You will be treated by our doctor, not a PT Assistant during your entire visit. You will receive both treatment and exercise education during your sessions. These exercises are with the Physical Therapist observing during the full session. This allows us to correct your movements immediately allowing you to develop the correct muscle memory. These are the same exercises you will be asked to do at home. 

Additionally, patient education is an important aspect of our treatment. We have found when someone understands WHY their bodies are reacting the way they are, they are more 

empowered to makes the changes needed for physical success. 

We feel it is a waste of your time and money returning to the clinic several times a week when these things can be done at home. Spending three hours a week in our clinic, taking time off from work, family and enduring drive time is not necessary for success. Typically patients are seen once weekly or bi-weekly depending on needs.

What to expect on your 1st visit?

 · Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you are easily able to move in.

 · We will discuss your pain history, concerns & answer any questions you have.

 · You will receive a physical examination to assess movement ability & pain triggers. 

 · You will receive treatment and then a re-examination of your pain areas to see if your pain has improved. This will allow us to develop a treatment plan for your home program.