What is the Basis of your Treatment.

At Evolution Physical Therapy and Sports Performance we set ourselves apart by offering you the care you deserve. Truly one-on-one care in an intimate and comfortable environment where you are the focus; where you will be given the time to communicate your concerns, wants, needs and goals. At your initial visit you will receive an understanding of your condition, how to stop “picking the scab” so that your condition will be given the ability to heal, be empowered and shown that you are in control of your symptoms and how long it will take to achieve the outcome.

We believe that your body is an incredibly adaptable, robust and resilient machine and to feel well, we have to move well and this is the basis for all of our treatment selections. Our belief is that the nervous system is king, your body will react in ways to protect itself if there is a perceived threat (real or not). We must acknowledge this and look to see where and why you may be exacerbating the symptoms unknowingly and bring them to the surface. After determining some of the foundational causes of your pain which are mostly due to habitual movement patterns that sensitize tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments and neural structures), we will work on pain free movements with assistance at times from different treatment modalities that create a novel neural experience and optimal healing environment. This is done to increase your movement variability which allows us to decrease stress on sensitized structures and allow them to heal while changing motor patterns and stability; this is how your long term goal of alleviating your pain is accomplished.

We can achieve this by utilizing the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and the concepts of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability and modern pain science. The basis of these types of treatment rationale has been developed by the works of Dr. Vladamir Janda, Dr. Karel Lewit, Dr. Vaclav Vojta, Pavel Kòlar, Craig Liebenson, DC, Gray Cook PT, Pr. Stu McGill,  Lorimer Mosely PhD, Robert Butler and Gregory Lehman, PT, DC.

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