Evolution Physical Therapy’s Promise to Our Patients

As a member of a unique group of healthcare providers know as the International Society of Clinical Rehab Specialists, Evolution Physical Therapy promises to deliver to each individual patient the care they deserve by:

1). Evidence-based health care will be used as a framework for making clinical decisions.

2). Cases will be managed in a biopsychosocial context by providing “patient-centered” care cognizant of the patient’s support structure, degree of job dissatisfaction, economic situation, and distress level, coping mechanisms, and other appropriate personal social factors.

3). A diagnostic triage will be performed on all patients to rule out “red flags” of serious disease and identify the need for specialist referral or additional diagnostic testing.

4). For patients without “red flags” of serious disease, reassurance will be provided regarding the positive prognosis for most neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) conditions.

5). Patient’s goals, fears, worries, and concerns will be respected regarding their NMS condition.

6). Information about the cause of the pain will be provided as far as is possible, even when the exact pain generator cannot be pinpointed.
A prognosis for their condition will be provided.

7). The patient will be informed of general precautions with regard to their condition.

8). Patients will receive information about specific pain relief measures that the health care provider can provide.

9). “Yellow flags” risk factors suggesting a prolonged recovery will be discussed with the patient.

10). Gradual reactivation advice will be provided. For example, patient education will include the message that hurt does not necessarily equal harm and the merits of pacing activity.

11). Patients will receive advice that recovery is step-wise and that “flare-ups” are normal.

12). Self-care exercises will be prescribed which have been demonstrated to be both safe and effective. Any new exercise will be tested to determine if it reduces the patient’s mechanical sensitivity post-treatment.

13). Reliable, valid, and responsive outcomes will be regularly utilized to determine the patient’s progress or status.

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