Crossfits Do you pee when you workout response

It has taken me a while to get to this point an I have read a lot of posts from other healthcare professionals throughout the country whom I highly regard on this topic. I figure I needed to write my own thoughts on this just to get it out because it is unacceptable how this was portrayed.
Do you pee when you Crossfit?
For those of you who are not familiar with this, approximately a month and a half ago, Crossfit HQ put out a video that was discussing an issue women in crossfit deal with called stress incontinence. It was a video survey asking women at the east central regional if they ever have any leakage issues while working out? Sadly, most every women that they asked said that they at one time or another have had this issue!

But that is not what is so unacceptable. There was a GYN who was asked her “professional” opinion; She had an opportunity to actually educate millions who participate in Crossfit or who at least saw the video and who may have this issue on causes and treatment approaches available to correct this dysfunction of the pelvic floor and overall lumbopelvic stabilization. Instead she simply said, “In my professional opinion, it is okay to pee your pants during crossfit.” Unfortunately ladies, peeing your pants during a workout is not a badge of honor nor is it a sign of workout intensity. It is a sign of dysfunction of the pelvic floor and bladder. Instead, women should be able to participate in exercise, maintain proper central stability while retaining continence. This is the primary function of our integrated spinal stabilization system (ISSS). This includes the diaphragm, pelvic floor, abdominal muscle and deep stabilization muscle of the spine and hips all working as one unit.


Here is how I feel that the question should have been posed to the audience at regionals. “Do you pee when you crossfit? If so what do you do about it?” This would have given more credibility to crossfit as a proactive group whom rather that celebrate hammering people with their WOD’s and stating that peeing during a workout is somehow acceptable. This is something that these athletes need to have addressed not only in crossfit but anyone who is having any form of incontinence or pain. In Arizona, we have direct access and I would sugggest seeing a women’s health physical therapist who is specialized to deal with pelvic pain and incontinence issues who will direct you in a plan of care to address your specific isssue of pelvic dysfunction. In other states, I would advise you to seek out the consult of your GYN to discuss treatment options.

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    Thank you Jeff for addressing this issue. I couldn’t agree more!

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