Prices and Costs of Services

Insurance is not filed at our location because the business model necessary for an insurance-based PT practice does not support the treatment model that I follow. What does that mean for you? In standard physical therapy practices, insurance reimbursement requires a therapist to see 2+ patients at a time and utilized aides or technicians to apply passive modalities and administer exercise programs. They must do this because insurance companies tend to reimburse about half of what is billed. I do not believe in, or agree with having my patients receive passive modalities and perform exercises that they could be doing on their own in their home. In many ways, insurance companies dictate, or at least influence the care and time that the patient receives, I refuse to let that be the case at Evolution Physical Therapy.  In offering the most advanced technology available while providing our clients with one-on-one care we can not rely on the insurance companies to reimburse at a fair rate. We are able to keep our rates low by foregoing all the hassles of insurance including billing, waiting for payments and resubmitting after denials.

Returning you to full function faster with true one-on-one care will save you money on fewer visits and by getting you back to life sooner. You will also not have to cover your deductible in full while getting hit with ever increasing co-pays. If you really examine what your insurance pays, paying out of pocket for technologically advanced physical therapy is the best option!

In some cases, you can bill your insurance depending on the policy you have with your provider. You can print off the provided questionairre from our forms link that will provide you with the proper questions to ask your insurance carrier to determine your eligibility. As the client, you will then need to send in receipts of service and treatment codes that will be provided at the clients request at the clinic. The amount of reimbursement is entirely dependent upon the insurance plan and will be billed as an “out-of-network physical therapy” expense.

We DO NOT take Medicare. We can offer quality local facilities that we refer out to for Medicare beneficiaries.

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  • 1 Hour Evaluation $155.00
  • 1 Hour Follow Up Session $140.00

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