The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is a systematic way to look at movement patterns to determine which parts of the body are contributing to your symptoms.

All physical therapists look at movement as part of an examination process but only the SFMA classifies movement patterns according to consistent measures, which means you will see definitive changes when you improve. This is different than the old way of measuring your motion with a plastic device and telling you that you have gained 5 degrees. You will feel the difference in motion if you are squatting lower or can touch your toes with ease. The SFMA also looks for connections in movement patterns that can prevent future injuries and directs you on a specific exercise program to fix your problem areas. This means will you perform exercises that are directly related to correcting your condition instead of a bunch of general exercises that you could have found on the internet.

The SFMA also zooms in on the movements that are limited or cause pain so the therapist can treat those areas more effectively. This assessment helps us to focus our advanced treatments of Laser, Trigger Point Dry Needling and ARPwave to the correct areas so you do not waste any time or money. A lot of therapists “chase the pain” and only treat those spots where you feel the discomfort. The pain is the result and not the cause of problem. Only by treating the underlying cause of your problem will you see lasting results of physical therapy. Our skilled therapists who know how to use the SFMA correctly will find the source of your dysfunction and help you to improve your movement patterns. This means you will progress quickly and be able to get back to the activities that you enjoy.