Healing from the inside out

In today’s fast paced, fast food, high stress world,Dr. Terry Wahls is as she says, ” The canary in the mine.” She is the poster child for what the body can do when good high quality, nutrient dense foods are supplied. In this video she is warning the public about the deteriorating quality of our current dietary habits. At Evolution physical therapy, we are keen to this fact and take a detailed history of our client’s nutritional state during our evaluations. It is imperative that we understand that our body is, at its lowest common denominator, controlled by our mitochondria within the cells. If we do not give our cells the fuel they need to remain healthy and heal, we put ourselves at risk for chronic illnesses, chronic fatigue syndromes, and chronic injuries to only name a few.

With all of the recent news about the quality of food in America that we are ingesting like GMO corn, high levels of sugar and of course…. pink slime. Its time we take a look at how our ancestors did it and let nature assist our healing through the power of food.


Good eating,

Dr. Jeff Beran, PT, DPT, ATC

Evolution Physical Therapy


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  1. Ann P. says:

    How impressive that Jeff knows about Terry Wahls! She has done what most physicians thought was impossible-get herself out of a wheelchair through diet and exercise in spite of having progressive multiple sclerosis. The fact that Jeff knows about her, uses her as an example, and links to her website demonstrates his commitment to learning and inspiring his patients. You get the best of the best with Jeff!

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