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As a physical therapist, I have the opportunity to help many people overcome their pain and dysfunction. At Evolution PT, we spend an hour or more, one-on-one with our clientele diagnosing, testing and retesting to make sure that our corrective solution are addressing the patients main dysfunction, allowing them to

Crossfits Do you pee when you workout response

It has taken me a while to get to this point an I have read a lot of posts from other healthcare professionals throughout the country whom I highly regard on this topic. I figure I needed to write my own thoughts on this just to get it out because

Healing from the inside out

In today’s fast paced, fast food, high stress world,Dr. Terry Wahls is as she says, ” The canary in the mine.” She is the poster child for what the body can do when good high quality, nutrient dense foods are supplied. In this video she is warning the public about the