What’s our Brain for?

Physical therapy is a relatively new field of healthcare in relation to all other disciplines we utilize in today’s world. Many people have had the opportunity to experience the benefits that physical therapy practitioners offer to get us back up and running and feeling better and functioning at our optimum levels……….. or do they?

I ask this question because as a practitioner, I have contemplated how well we as a profession address this question. What do I mean by this? Well, we have become excellent at relieving pain and increasing strength but I don’t see us addressing the computer that drives all of the systems as well as we should to achieve optimum results for our clients. Our brain is an amazing machine that continues to amaze the researchers who look at its function and the purpose of why we truly have a brain. Daniel Wolpert is a neuroscientist that addresses this question at a TED conference that you can see here.

If the primary purpose of our brain is to create adaptable and complex movements to relate to our environment, then why do we not focus more on rehabilitating the software (our motor patterns) through purposeful rehab rather than just fixing the hardware and hoping that the software will just follow suit. There have been at least seven prospective studies that have found that one or more motor control deficits are related to injury. Out of those studies, the most profound data is from a study looking at motor control during simply transitioning from double limb stance to single limb stance using EMG. During this low level task, significant delays in the onset of ankle, hip and hamstring musculature was noted when compared to controls. It appears that subjects adapt a substantially altered strategy of movement, which is retained by the motor control system (your Brain!!), even after the subject has returned to full activity. This adaptation serves as a profound example of motor control changes and altered motor control following injury. It is possible that standard rehabilitation programs do not get to the level where we can address these motor control changes.

Until now……..

At Evolution Physical Therapy we have addressed this through the use of advanced therapeutic techniques. our main purpose is to address compensation patterns that are present following injury at their core. We utilize an extensive health and history and exam utilizing the SFMA to determine the most dysfunctional and non-painful pattern that is associated with the patients dysfunction. This allows us to attack the problem at its epicenter and promotes objective changes every session to make sure that there is no wasted time and energy in your session. ARP wave therapy  is utilized to address the motor control deficiency that is the root cause of your pain or dysfunction. This means that we will not waste your time  performing exercises that you could be being  doing at home or at your gym and strengthening within a compensated motor pattern which research has shown to be one of the leading causes of future injury. We will also utilize the most advanced therapeutic technologies and corrective exercises to get you back in the game sooner and while correcting the actual cause of the dysfunction rather than just chasing the pain and eliciting temporary relief.

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Dr. Jeffrey Beran, PT, DPT, ATC

Evolution Physical  Therapy, LLC

The Evolution of Rehabilitation and Performance

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