I am the owner of Evolution Physical Therapy and Sports Performance in Scottsdale, Arizona. My passion is blending sound evidence-based performance physical therapy treatments and movement based diagnostics through pragmatic strength and conditioning principles to achieve improved function, pain-free performance and results. 
I strive every day to give each patient the ear that they need, the eyes they’ve sought and the sound application of knowledge and information that they deserve. Couple that with a purpose-driven patient, there is nothing that cannot be successfully addressed and managed.
I believe that providing each patient with truly one-on-one care and individualized programming will deliver an experience and care that is unmatched. When a client entrusts me with their care, I have a personal obligation to educate them on how to achieve the results they are looking for and I actually enjoy that responsibility and duty. It has kept me sharp, learning from the best in the field of rehab and sports performance for the past 16 years has led to becoming a therapist who has been sought out nationally by clientele ranging from the elite professional athlete through general fitness clients.  
I am confident that the care you receive will not only be unlike anything you have had in the past but will also deliver the results that you have been looking for. If past treatments and therapies have not helped or achieved the results you were looking for, and you are ready to be an active participant in your care. If you are ready to work hard, take responsibility and learn about yourself and succeed, then you are in the right place…….. Welcome!